Bibles – For anyone not familiar with different Bible versions, the four most common I use in posts are as follows:

NIV- New International Version

KJV- King James Version

NASB- New American Standard Bible

 AMP- Amplified Bible

*NLT-New Living Translation- a 5th version you may now see on this site.

(A recent teaching I watched said that the NLT is a very accurate translation because it is a “phrase by phrase” translation compared to most translations that are “word for word” translations.)

My current favorite resource, a gift from my wife, is my parallel Bible. Also known as a side-by-side Bible, it contains four versions of the Bible. When you look up a verse, a different version can convey more understanding to you in the context of the verse.

My personal version for daily reading is NIV, so I opted for a side by side Bible that has NIV, KJV, NASB, and AMP for more references.  When I look up a scripture for a post, I can see all four versions and choose the one that best conveys the point.

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