I must give credit where credit is due.  None of this would exist without the teaching by John Bevere: “Driven by Eternity“.

Christian, if you need to align your motivation with God’s plan for your life, this resource will help you!

I watched this 12-part teaching series years ago. Extremely long story short, God told me He wanted me to be in ministry at the end of the teaching.  I had a completely different plan and view for my life, but when God said “Ministry”, I knew it was what He created me for and I never looked back!

John and Lisa have an amazing ministry and many great resources at Messenger International.

Another teaching by John Bevere recently blessed me greatly.  Repentance from Dead Works talks about the message of the gospel, and the importance of repentance.  Jesus is our Savior, but more importantly He is our Lord.

If you want to connect with a strong prophetic ministry, I highly recommend Apostle John Eckhardt.  My wife had the privilege of sitting under his anointing at Crusaders Church on the south side of Chicago.  I consider him to be an expert on deliverance and the prophetic.  He does Facebook Mentions as well as Periscope broadcasts.