God Chastens Those He Loves

Christians, no one over the age of 18 (or really, under the age of 18 either) likes to be “disciplined”. We essentially grow up to become disciplinarians, parents, bosses, and authority figures, etc.  When we are disciplined as children, we think it is unfair, that it is unnecessary, that if our parents truly loved us, … More God Chastens Those He Loves


Christians, have you noticed that the more and more we use technology, the more that it tends to customize and personalize itself just to us?  One of the features I was recently thinking about was the ‘Autofill’ feature that is present on most search engines today. I know that the feature works by recording and … More Auto-Fill

Flat Tire

Christians, have you ever considered how amazing tires are?  Little rubber tubes filled with compressed air have the power to lift up cars, trucks, vans, even semi trucks. They are all rolling down the road on compressed air. Think about a flat tire, and how the car is sitting on the rim and if you … More Flat Tire