Clean Slate II

Christians, last time we talked about forgiveness and the things people have done that have wronged us.  Hopefully if you prayed and forgave someone, you could think about them now, and you have feelings of freedom, peace, resolution in your soul.  I pray that as you truly forgive, God gives you not just a passion … More Clean Slate II

Rain vs Snow: Same Precipitation, Different Conditions

Christians, recently I was thinking about the rain.  I enjoy a good rain; it’s refreshing, renewing, and the smell is really nice.  Then I was thinking about snow. On occasion I love a good snow (mostly for the kid’s sake for snowmen and sleds), however most of the winter I think “enough already!”  I think a … More Rain vs Snow: Same Precipitation, Different Conditions

Aged in the Dark

Christians, recently God was showing me a unique insight into what He does.  I was first thinking about wine and wine cellars and how they are aged in barrels in the dark, etc. Then I thought about aged cheese and it’s process in the dark. Good cheeses, some of the BEST ones are aged.  The … More Aged in the Dark