Better to Hear “Well done” than “Well Said”

Christians, I am reminded of a time years ago, we were traveling back from mid-week church in Indiana.  I looked out the window and another Church had on their message board “It is better to hear well done, than to hear well said”.  I read it and began to meditate on it.  I know that … More Better to Hear “Well done” than “Well Said”

Unstoppable God

Christians, recently I was listening to a new favorite song, Unstoppable God by Elevation Worship.  As I was listening to the lyrics “Unstoppable God, let your glory go on and on, Impossible things in your name they shall be done.”  The Holy Spirit began to speak to my spirit about what I am believing in … More Unstoppable God

How Long, O Lord

One of the greatest questions we ask in our daily life is, “how long?”  We ask it to almost everyone.  From the person taking our name at the restaurant, to the auto mechanic who is changing our oil, to the pizza delivery chain where we place our order, or to the mail person as we … More How Long, O Lord