The Chair

Christians, please enjoy this revelation received and written by my lovely wife:

As I was reading on the couch, my son came out of his room to ask me to get a toy garage on top of a pretty high shelf in the attic. I proceeded to tell him I would get it for him but only after I was finishing up the chapter I was reading in my book. It would only take me a few more minutes to finish. He started to walk into the attic and I specifically told him not to try to get it and to wait for me to help him get it in a few minutes. He said he just wanted to look at it.

He went in the attic and as soon as he did, the Spirit of the Lord showed me a revelation about obedience. Often God will tell us NOT to do something or even to wait on Him to fulfill something and we are to obey Him by his Word. I wanted my son to obey me. Knowing this I began to think how he could get a chair out (like he’s done before) and reach up to grab the toy without my help. It started to really bother me thinking he would take this task into his own hands and disregard what I said. If he chose this option, I would not let him play with the toy. This is not the revelation.

The revelation God is highlighting is that often we can easily do the things God says not to do. Like get on a chair and pull our toy down. The question is will we obey Him, when he says not to?  My son could have stood on a chair pulled it down without any incident and then came out showing me he did so. Would I be pleased with that? No. I know what he’s capable of, I’ve seen him get on a chair and pull down toys before. I wanted him to obey me and in my time I would help him.  I said to wait and I wanted him to listen.

My son came out of the attic saying “I got it”. My heart sunk for a moment. I turned to look at him and saw he was referring to a different toy and I laughed a little. I was so pleased he obeyed me. He could have gotten up and pulled it down because he had the ability to do so, disregarded what I said, and proved to me he didn’t need my help. But instead he waited, obeying me and rejecting his own ability. God wants us to obey Him, not to use our abilities or resources available to get things accomplished just because we can. He desires for us to wait for his assistance in his perfect timing. If He says don’t do something and you do it because you physically can and you think God wouldn’t mind it, you face the consequences of disobedience which is sin.

It might work out fine at the time but later on you will have to deal with God Himself. My son chose what was best and knew that when he denied this option, he would be perceived as a faithful and obedient child. That’s what God wants from us…to listen to His commands before we realize the “chair” is right in front of us tempting us to have what we want when we want it.

“So why do you keep calling me ‘Lord, Lord!’ when you don’t do what I say?” Luke 6:46 NLT

One of the greatest examples of someone using the “Chair” was Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar (see Genesis 16) – The culmination of the Story and God’s response was: Is anything too hard or too wonderful for the Lord? At the appointed time, when the season [for her delivery] comes around, I will return to you and Sarah shall have borne a son. Genesis 18:14 AMP

*Many people in this day and age use the position they are in, whether good or bad, to fulfill their desires outside of God’s desires. Instead of aligning their desires up against what God wants to do in their lives, they use a ‘Chair’ to reach for the things they want when they want them. This is not what scripture tells us to do. We are told to wait upon the Lord, to put Him first in all that we do and to let His perfect will come to pass in our lives.   When we choose to do that, we will have his FULL protection, FULL attention and FULL blessing as His faithful obedient children. It’s fully up to us and this choice is very clear.

written and posted by Cheri Poggensee | 2018