Our Real Enemy

God has showed me a greater understanding of who our real enemy is.  Our enemy is not the rebellious person who hates Christians, or someone who lies to your face, it is not the prideful LGBT community, or anyone who blatantly hates and murders for no reason.  Our enemy is and will be as long as … More Our Real Enemy


Christians, we have heard the word Redemption, we sing about being redeemed, we understand the basic principle, but I think all too often we do not meditate on the definition.  The definition of “redemption” on Google, pops up the Christian definition: “the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil” but to … More Redemption

Be God’s Microphone

Christians, microphones are useful tools in many different areas of our lives.  They amplify and project a message, a song, or speech.  They are used in places like auditoriums, outdoor venues, arenas, and sports stadiums.  Almost everything we hear on TV, radio, through mp3 players, our smart phones, etc – all implore the use of … More Be God’s Microphone