Making the Turn

Christians, when you think of running a huge race, such as a marathon, it seems like an overwhelming feat.  Most people train for months, potentially years preparing themselves.  Working their way up, running 3, 5, 10, 15 miles never getting to 26.2 miles, but doing a portion run.   Our Christian walk is the same … More Making the Turn

Mere Words

Christians, previously when I was going through a test from the Lord, He was using a very non-serious physical “health” issue.  To be honest, my eye was red, although it looked a little like pink-eye, it wasn’t.  After prayer, a natural home remedy (honey burns when put in your eye, not recommended), and some over … More Mere Words

Conviction, Education, Application, Passion Pt. 2

Christians, we talked last week about God’s four step process and how it works.  God showed me more about the idea of Passion.  Why passion?  It is a strong will or desire to do something, you cannot be easily persuaded to do.  God instills convictions and educates us (usually) in the desert times, then He … More Conviction, Education, Application, Passion Pt. 2

The Great Artist

Christians, a work in progress is often hard to understand.  Every painting an artist paints inevitably will not be the same.  The brush strokes on the canvas can vary in length, width, depth, as well as color, frequency and consistency.  I believe that God is painting a portrait of each and every one of our … More The Great Artist