Christians, have you ever found yourself in a test or trial and you wonder “when will it end?”  So many times in our lives, we have the opportunity to feel at the end of ourselves.  We question if we can keep going day after day in our current situation.  If you have ever wondered if … More Endurance

Be Content

Christians, I am reminded of a situation where I saw firsthand how discontent our flesh can be.  A relative I love had a legitimate complaint with their old television set and that TV was replaced.  A brand new TV was set up for them and on the very next day, and there were complaints about … More Be Content

The Many Tests of God

Christians, I remember my last week of finals in college before graduation.  It was a very exciting time for me because for four and a half years I had studied, taken tests, studied more, taken more tests and that routine was getting old.  I was ready to kiss those bubble answer sheets goodbye. No more … More The Many Tests of God

Right on Track

Christians, have you ever been tested by God Almighty?  Have you truly been challenged in your faith? Have you ever been put in a position where you wondered, “Did I Really hear from God?” or “Am I a raving mad lunatic?”  I have faced trials as such, I have been put in scenarios by God … More Right on Track

The Great Artist

Christians, a work in progress is often hard to understand.  Every painting an artist paints inevitably will not be the same.  The brush strokes on the canvas can vary in length, width, depth, as well as color, frequency and consistency.  I believe that God is painting a portrait of each and every one of our … More The Great Artist

Removing the Roots

Christians, my wife and I used to occasionally walk along a specific path with many trees around it.  At one point there were trees and shrub bushes that grew over the path.  It was really annoying to walk around them, and we wanted them gone.  One day, to our surprise, we walked along the path … More Removing the Roots