Faith: Our Flashlight in the Dark

Christians, imagine a pitch black room, dark as a moonless night.  You are standing in the middle of the room, frozen. You know there is a way out, but you cannot see it.  You cannot begin to imagine where it is. IF you had a source of light, like a flashlight, you would feel so … More Faith: Our Flashlight in the Dark

Right on Track

Christians, have you ever been tested by God Almighty?  Have you truly been challenged in your faith? Have you ever been put in a position where you wondered, “Did I Really hear from God?” or “Am I a raving mad lunatic?”  I have faced trials as such, I have been put in scenarios by God … More Right on Track

Aged in the Dark

Christians, recently God was showing me a unique insight into what He does.  I was first thinking about wine and wine cellars and how they are aged in barrels in the dark, etc. Then I thought about aged cheese and it’s process in the dark. Good cheeses, some of the BEST ones are aged.  The … More Aged in the Dark

Technology: New Generation, New You

Christians, we American consumers, have become accustomed to our technology being constantly upgraded.  Some well-known companies release new phones, tablets, computers, mp3 players annually with the latest and greatest features.  Smaller screens, bigger screens, faster processors, faster connection speeds, higher resolution cameras, higher resolution screens.  We almost demand new upgrades because we cannot settle with … More Technology: New Generation, New You

Position vs. Desire

Christians, have you ever said to yourself, “I will …. when…?”  For example, I will read my bible more, when I have more time.  Maybe you’ve said, I will eat healthier when I can afford it.  I will tithe when I have more income.  I will witness to my coworkers when my life looks more … More Position vs. Desire